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"From The Bottom 2 The Top" (2009)

From The Bottom 2 The Top lyrics - Coolio (feat. Goast & A.I)

Streets are still hard...
I still walk the yard...
My soul is still scar...

When darkness falls across my face
Swept hoping tears upon my face
These times like this that I can't erase
This goes a being whip, chain, hand or mace
So I try to accept a high to feel the base
We concepts and dreams of a different places
But all that lies and life that I was taught
And all the good things that I forgot
That cold and then I avert, wipe a pussy like a savage
Got an untight rip or love my bad habits
Sometimes I faith to the fiend sometimes I laugh at it
Get being on a project take a step at it
I don't med it by my static I don't need to be graphic
I steped to being mine and you go see achieve
Cuz you don't even know what it into G
Don't see the end of an A and the history

I want to change the world to real
This size at homily, it slowly breaking me down
I'm still the same inside my brain
And if I change, it might just break me down

These things inside I show but I cannot hide
And now I lost count of a times I tried
The times I lied about shit that with me with necessary
I changed my floor but my scar really never very
I feel like abyss sometimes I waited a vex I veil like a vessel
Killed on my back and shoulders would be other soldier I told you
Cuz I wake the hood like a big para fold you
Who don't understand the meaning of the mystery
My baby be so wet clothes so don't you be
Acting like a gangster cuz my bangers being
Shitting on the block with that 23
Mellow me derails that I set you free
So maybe you can see where I can't see
So we run about life shit cross bitches and gillish news
Big changes amuse the bullshit we saw in the news

I want to change the world to real
This size at homily, it slowly breaking me down
I'm still the same inside my brain
And if I change, it might just break me down

"The Return Of The Gangsta" (2006)

Gangsta Walk lyrics - Coolio (feat. Snoop Dogg)

Yeah Yeah, what it do nephew
It's YA crippin' cousin Big Snoop D O double G
Oh yeah west west y'all
We way over here in Italy man
Cud U Say That Man? Italia Man?
You know what I'm talkin' bout
My nigga coolio out there doing real big
We Blowin On Some Of That Shyt
Oh yeah Compton and Long Beach together
You know we in trouble

Kit kat, kick back homie don't you sit back
And hype when the sound start
To click like a click-clack
Only nigga trippin lil' homie where ya shit at
You rep don't got no respectance
Time to go get that
So lift that point that aim where's his dome at
Show these punk niggas how we do where we roam at
Roll that, roll that TVs on the
Roll back caddies start to cap
Twenty niggas in the throwback
Get back you can't win that
Don't pretend that, you ain't got no chance
Put these balls where ya chin at
Spit heat, get cheese
That's how we move that
Who that move that nigga where ya crew at
You betta get ya money nigga
Stack some chips
Where the time of days ain't sunny nigga
I hope ya mouth ain't runny nigga
If it is, ya body gon' hop like bunny nigga

We got the gangsta walk
Gangsta talk, gangsta way
We got the gangsta way gangsta say
We got the gangsta walk
Gangsta talk, gangsta way
We got the gangsta way gangsta say

Do It lyrics - Coolio (feat. Goast)

Let's do it, get to it
Let's do it, get to it
Let's do it, get to it
Let's do it

Another Saturday night and I'm feelin' kinda slothy
I'm down with the forty, but I don't want no forty
Even though I'm thirsty and I'm hungry
I need some Kurathers

Peep this, but not up in my stomach
I wanna chop your cherry tree, I can't tell a lie
Somethings on the rise, what a surprise
I called up the homies and said, "Let's go the spot"

Where the drinks are cold, and the girls ain't too hot
Now we in the house, but the house is kinda empty
Rats run around the room but, wait, I spoke too soon
Ah, damn, look what done walked in

Pumps and a bump, breath smellin' like gin
Baby, you look good with that blue dress on
Maybe some day me and you can be as one
Let's get to know each other better
I can sing you a song, and you can write me a love letter

1 Baby, you can do it
Take your time, do it right
(Let's do it, get to it)
You can do it, baby, baby
(Let's do it, get to it)

Baby, you can do it
Take your time, do it right
(Let's do it, get to it)
You can do it, baby, baby
(Let's do it, get to it)

Damn, I'm feelin frisky
Come and sit down wit me
Conversate about hanky panky
And a little dranky wanky

Tell me bout your innermost thoughts
Wants, needs and your desires
And I'll tell you about mine
We can spend some quality time

You want a man with vision, who ain't afraid to listen
I wanna mention I can hit that ass in thirty-six positions
And, I just want a regular old fashion high hoochie mama
With love for her daddy, anytime he want it
Bring home the turkey bacon and fry it in the pan
Or, some fillet minon and still let me know I'm the

"El Cool Magnifico" (2002)

What Is An MC? lyrics - Coolio

[Verse 1]
Yo, the G is off the chain when you come round here
Better watch what you claim when you come round here
You can do your thing when you come round here
But it's blessed that you can hang when you come round here
Ain't no playin games when you come round here
Weak niggas feel the flame when they come round here
We tryina make it bang when you come round here
Everything ain't the same when you come round here
DJ's pump the bass up
And pull the lights back
It's time to get it crackin and we love it when it's like that
Ain't no reason for no treason
So put the hater-ray down in this new millenium season
Who you gon' believe in while you're cheesin?
Ain't no logic or no reason in your teachings
I'm steady on the grind round while you're reachin
So just sit and look and listen, hear my twenty screechin

What is an MC if he can't rap?
How you gonna throw up from the shoulder and can't scrap?
Twenty-five with a L, ain't no gettin back
Where niggaz do it all, homie just like that
What is a DJ if he can't scratch?
How you gon' keep on trickin and stay fat?
Jump your ass in a gunfight without no strap
Where niggaz do it all, homie just like that

[Verse 2]
You can be yourself when you come round here
Ain't no titles or no belts when you come round here
Keep your game on stealth when you come round here
But be about your wealth when you come round here
You get cut and left when you come round here
So don't let 'em see you sweat when you come round here
We'll be makin busters melt when they come round here
So you'd better check yourself when you come round here
We be gettin gangsta with it all through the weekend
Get your lazy ass up, no time for sleepin
Call your homegirls up, jump in your jeep and
They ain't ready when you come, then you're leavin
You're goin to the club, it's time for freakin
You ain't got no ID to try to sneak in
It's on and crackin once again you cheat the G-game
Just open up your mind, no time for tweakin


[Verse 3]
Fat meat is greasy when you come round here
So don't be acting cheesy when you come round here
You might go off the heasy when you come round here
And we'll still be bumpin Eazy when you come round here
You better watch the greedy when you come round here
Cos some of these fools are sleazy when you come round here
Give to the needy when you come round here
But understand you can't defeat me when you come round here
Most stack a grip, trip and roll with some new friends
Some'll sell their soul to the devil just to chip in
Some'll lie, steal and rob their mama just to get ends
Which one is you nigga?
Where do you fit in?
But this thing don't stop just cos you's a trick
And hatin cos you ain't rich, you's a bitch
we gon' dip like the old school, c'est la vie
Hop your tread like me
Watch what you say and get paid like C


Shake It Up lyrics - Coolio

[Chorus 1]
We breakin up, Monday and Tuesday
We blowing up Wednesday and Thursday
She shake it up Friday and Saturday
I beat it up all day on Sunday

[Verse 1]
It was on the very first time that I met her
That leather was fittin that ass and that skin tight sweater
Was curvin around that body and I painted a picture
In my mind I wrote a letter bout us getting together
Green eyes dark hair honey brown complextion
I was rollin in a bucket she was rollin a lexus
I sweat it now we can do the damn thang if she wanna
If she don't I'm just satisfied with bendin some cornas
Drink coronas just as long as she don't leave me alona
I can name fifty niggas now that wanted to bone her
But they didn't I'm happy bout the place that im sittin
Didn't buy shit my name is still on her kitten
Written in platinum she don't just love me for rappin and actin
She love my mind the way I'm dippin in matchin
My blackness, her reactions are like fatal attractions
she jackin and blastin and ridin for the man that shes rackin

[Chorus 2]
We breakin up, Monday and Tuesday
We blowin up Wednesday and Thursday
She shake it up Friday and Saturday
I beat it up all day on Sunday
So shake it up (shake it up)
Do yo thang little mamma shake it up (shake it up)
Bend over touch yo toes and shake it up (shake it up)
I like the way you move now shake it up (shake it up)
Just shake shake shake shake shake (shake)

[Verse 2]
She my main squeeze only thing maintained
Sometime tha that shit I be sayin she the only one that understand
She my boo my freak i know that I'm her main man
So fuck these hos and bullshit niggas with these same games
I let my chain hang and still claim the same thang
And even when she don't love me I'm the same main
Nigga that she call when she need somebody to talk to
Hit her from the back eat and walk wit her
She got a lot to offer look what she brought with her
She got brains and taps that leave niggas that start wit her
She don't care about houses cars sex and bling bling
Even though nine and half inches is a big thang
She aint the type that be creepin and sleepin and jumpin in other niggas jeepin
When im outta town on business
When im on a mission to put us in a position
Where we don't have to do nothin but show the love and kick it listen

[Chorus 1]
[Chorus 2]

I Like Girls lyrics - Coolio

Hey....(That's the way I like it)
Somebody told me that you're not my kind so have I lost my mind
You keep on doing all the things I like you got me hypnotised
(But) That's the way I like it
Girl you make me wanna move, it's a price I got to pay
For all the things you do, but I like it
[*]Gotta listen to the groove and you gotta listen well
The way I go, that's the way I like it

Everybody now (I like it)
Everybody now (That's the way I like it)
Everybody come on (I like it)
Everybody come on (That's the way I like it)
Oh mystery lady you've got something I like
Tell me you're here to stay
You're dangerous so baby could you do me right
Will you come out to play
Cause that's the way I like it



Everybody com'on (I like it)
Everybody com'on


That's the way that I like it
That is the way I like it
That's the way that I like it
Everybody now, everybody com'on [REPEAT WHOLE VERSE]

That's the way I like it

Sunshine lyrics - Coolio

[Verse 1]
Imagine looking at life through rose-tinted glasses
And the policy of the people is passive
And all the women got fat asses
And all the homies got dubs and deeds to spend
And when the po-po's pass they wave and say "hi"
And wear a grin (hey)
And everybody that you meet is a potential friend
And the women in your life love you for yourself and not your ends
And the population's real so there's no reason to pretend
And ignore we are the same, so no one hates you for the colour of your skin
And every waking thought is one of peace and harmony and bliss
That simple satisfaction like a plate of eggs and grits
Senses fully alive like the feeling of a first kiss
And when it's check out time you got a smile on your lips, huh
And the whole world is like your next-door neighbour
Quick to do you a favour even though we come in a million different flavours
And I know there's not enough time to put it all in one rhyme
So I savour the flavour and sweet taste I feel from the rays of the sunshine

[Chorus - Woman singing]
Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'm sittin in the sunshine
The sunshine, like the world was mine, the sunshine
Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'm walkin in the sunshine
The sunshine, like the world was mine, the sunshine

[Verse 2]
If love was a flower I'd spread the petals about the planet
And plant seeds throughout every city and country
Even in those who do not want me
I try to make some sense of the situation that we call life
Some, verbal illustration to help ease this strife
Some, lyrical penetration to try to make things right
In hopes that what I'm saying can saturate your mindframe
And help you with the pain and the strain of the everyday struggle
I don't need it all, I wanna see all y'all bubble
And rise to the top then prove to be hard like a rock
Cos you know it don't stop unless we let it all stop
So when you face to face with adversity, just curse him, C
And look him in the eye, and let him know, that he can't hurt a G
And that you willin' ta risk it all
For the things of people that you believe in
So educate yourself in order to assess your achievements
And if I had to explain this realer so you could see it in your mind -
I guess it's kinda like sunshine


[Verse 3]
Before I continue let me make one thing clear
Took me a while but there's three things I learned to put before my self and career
God, family and my fans
I wish that I could hold your hand
And be like Moses, part the Red Sea and lead you to the promised land
Our demons blazin, and it feels amazin
I can lay here till I'm old and grey and shrivelled like a raisin
Throughout the years 'n months 'n days
When life used to pass by in a daze
And I was posted simply gettin faded, just waitin
Livin life with the eye for nothing but cold steel, fast cash and hot payment
Impatient to be a baller and roll a SS on Daytons
And now I'm here and I promise to get my whole soul, mind, body and spirit
And try to lift every voice and rhyme loud as hell so all y'all can hear it
And still remember the words from that old hip-hop spiritual
I'm livin in a Gangsta Paradise and I hope y'all remember too
And even though it's west coast eastside Compton on mine
It's ok 'cos I don't mind if you share some of my sunshine

[Chorus x2]

I'm diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyin before they take away my sunshine
I ain't lyin (sunshine)
I'll be diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyin before they take away my sunshine
And I ain't lyin (sunshine)


Knockout Kings lyrics - Coolio (feat. The Replacements)

[Verse 1 - Coolio]
(1 - 2 - 3 - 4)
You in the ring with a thing, not a man
And what I bring is shots to the body
That'll make a fool sing, soprano
Fall setter, ain't nuttin better
Massive concussion, career over, no discussion
Both eyes closed, broke nose, cheeks swole
You can't see, vision like a peep ho
This ain't no slug-fest or exhibition
It's a disaster, cold, beat-down, tragic massacre
Call in the doctor
He's been rocked and socked-up
Call the police, the champ's insane and oughta be locked up
Pay-per-viewers have to try to not to light the whole block up
He's hurt and he's wobbling and he can't keep his things up
He's gettin banged up
Uppercuts, overhead right, short left jab
Right into a change up
Big thing, he's down and canvas smell like dirt, don't it?
El Cool Magnifico crush all weak opponents

[The Replacements]
These combinations are taking me places
Knockin my opponents outa they shoes
With tight laces
Makin faces as they body hit the canvas in pain
The championship belt is what I taste and claim
Survivin the game
Pound for pound you got the best man standing right here
Round for round I got the cowards runnin in fear
Town for town, fight fans stand and cheer
Your Knockout King is up in the ring

1 - 2 - 3, killer!
4 - 5 - 6, spitter!
7 - 8 - 9 - 10
4 to the body and 2 to the chin!
1 - 2 - 3, killer!
4 - 5 - 6, spitter!
7 - 8 - 9 - 10
[ding] [ding] now it's on again!

[Verse 2 - The Replacements]
Uh, round for round and pound for pound
It's the king of the ring with a hundred knockouts
Uppercuts to the chin, knock your mouthpiece out
Got your corner-man yellin that you ready to pout
Yeah he hit the ropes in front of a sell-out crowd
Stand-down punk, ain't no need to go 12 rounds
The belt was mine soon as you heard the bell sound
Roper Doe style, boxin with the best around
Taped-up wrist, swing your fist and miss
When I crush your face it feels like a tonne of bricks
After the standin eight head to your corner to sit
Manager screamin at you: "Fight back, move his fists!"
It don't matter cos he walked dead into by bisteses
Don't get mad cos you lost to the top of the listeds
I'm sick, cold with the work, demented and viscious
Plus I'm pretty so the ring girls be blowin me kisses


[Verse 3 - The Replacements]
Body-blow, uppercut, accidental elbow
Ming Lou's in the ring, hell no
Ain't gon' happen, stage all tappin
Skills quickly end all the gossipin and yappin
I'm talkin Roy Jones ability
Knock anybody up in the facility
Black guy after I attack guys
Spectators like Johnny Gill (my, my, my)
Amazed, ain't no love, only hate

Let me hit you with these boulders
Servin you from the shoulders
Step into the range of my blows and get rolled up
Folded-up wit your snot-box leakin on ya
Hold 'im up so I can put bangs and bings on ya
You see two of me, don't ya?
From the series of punches
To your dome and your kidneys
Should'a did you some crunches
I throw thangs in bunches
Got me grabbin and punkin now
Tryina knock the grill up out your mouth

[Hook x2]

"My Soul" (1997)

Intro lyrics - Coolio

[The sound of rain falling and a devil like voice laughing]

A man is heard running and breathing fast
[Scared Man:] Damn! Wha...

The running gets faster, the man is breathing faster, and he sounds
terrified. The devil's laughing is getting much louder

There is the sound of things being knocked over as if the man is trying
to hide and everything is in his way

[Scared Man:] What you want man? What you want from me?

[Devil:] Your soul!

2 Minutes & 21 Seconds Of Funk lyrics - Coolio

Yeah, yeah
Fuck all these niggaz
You know what I'm talkin' about Wino
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Two minutes and twenty-one seconds of funk
and I ain't no punk
That's right, that's right

A tisket a tasket
that's all you ask it
Snap your cd and drop the pieces in your casket
Like little Jack Horna', I'm still bendin' cornas'
buckin' shots on your block, I'm sippin' on Corona's
Uh, your McDonald had a farm wit' a six-fo on suicide
sittin' in the barn wit' no alarm
Straight up collected it, cool and calm
crowbar in my hand and my skeleton brick still works like a charm
Who's the rawest?
My shit is flawless
Had to be passin' out bruises,
lacerations and broken jawses
Emcees wanna floss you better understand who's the boss
before I do a Michael Jackson and "Cut your shit off!"
Part of the penitentary still, penetratin' your grill
I keep on keepin' it right, while you keep on keepin' it real
I'll bring the treble and the bass to delapatate your waist
Coolio's on the case, get yo hoe out my face, fool
Lodi Dodi, I don't know karate, but I know a razor
and none of y'all can't fade me
I know you wanna try to play me
and busta's wanna playa hate me
I'm one of the dopest niggaz out I
guess that's why they hate me
Cause I slang hits like niggaz slang cavi
I remain like khakis, I guess that's why they mad at me
On a record you might outgat me
but you can't outrap me
my shit is fatta'
and yo shit need a little bit mo batta'
Freestyle in unrestricted manner or method
Free funk text readily selected, so check it
Uh, ?dip diver?, socializer, I've been rockin'
these motherfuckin' microphones since nineteen seventy-niner,
and by the time that this little nappy head nigga retire
I'ma be at the ripe ol' age of forty-eight or forty-niner
My shit is wise, CPT M.C. for hire
my name ain't Rick James but I'll burn your ass with a fire
So, what's your desire baby love?
Is it hands wrapped around mics
or fingers wrapped around triggas?
Eitha' way it go I'm dumpin' and I'm dippin'
still tennis shoe pimpin', 40 Thevz in position
Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum, now nigga I'm a giant
and yo ass is like Jack,
but yo magic beans is wack
Skills is what you lack
I'm like a Benz, you ain't even like Cadillac
you mo like a Regal
I'ma pit bull, and you's a Beagle
I'm set to strangle hangin' emcee's at all angles
as their legs start to dangle,
dance around everybody like Mr. Bo Jangles
Los Angeles, Compton, Long Beach, and Carson Hawthorne
livin with the Watts
I'm sendin' out shout outs
I used to drink Ol' Gold
now I just stroll
straight to the ?exit? section of my neighborhood liquor store
Huh, and you know what make me laugh, bitch?
Even your mama want my autograph, autograph, autograph,
autograph, autograph

One Mo lyrics - Coolio (feat. 40 Thevz)

I got one mo switch I can hit
I got one mo bullet in my clip
I got one mo drink I can steal
I got one mo sack I can twist

[Verse 1, Coolio:]
I wear a "S" on my chest
I prefer my vest
And if the chronic run out, loc, pass the stress
Cause all I wanna do is just roll my things
Turn up the alphine and let the woofers bang bang
To the boogie say up jump the boogie
He was tryin' to get a grip on my cookies
I shook thee
I coulda took him, but he wadn't even worth a bullet
I had my finger on the trigger, but I couldn't pull it
From defamation to desimation
Every day is like summer vacation
A nigga couldn't wait for somethin good to put in yo Kenwood
Turn it up to twenty-one, and bop it in your hood
I'm a eastside nigga (Nigga)
Gotta have sprilla (Sprilla)
Do or die, low down, real life killa (Killa)
They comin' through the hold on tip toe
You swear, so
I gotta get your grip, hoe


[Verse 2, 40 Thevz (Lek Ratt, P.S.):]
Yes, yes, y'all (Yes y'all)
40 Thevz in the house, with a fifth y'all (Fifth y'all)
Better recognize a tennis shoe pimp, y'all (Pimp y'all)
When I'm rollin' through your hood in my six, ohhhh, that be you
When our four colors rock, front and ass out
All the riders shake and smile when they see me hit the block
Your sounds ain't beatin
So your girls ain't freakin
Watch your fly, got the whole post meetin
Hit 'em in their eyes
And go suicides
Later, pump them on the ground just to show 'em what it's like
To hit the mic for a licken
Hell no, I ain't trippin
Cause I kinda like pimpin
Bein' freer than a pigeon
Got your bitch down in positions
All kinda ways
40 Thevz pimpin these suckas till they graze
So, come with these weak flows if you must
But I got a hundred and twenty-one mo rounds I can bust


[Verse 3, Coolio:]
Put the pep in yo step and the glide in your stride
Like Clyde
Drexler, this is eastside
Westa, recognize the routine
Mo jackers and packers than the Super Bowl ring team
So, why you tellin me to sell a key of yayo
That's how you give a fellow need like Jayo
We lay low
All up in the cut
If it's suicide then roll the bustas up
And I'ma hit 'em up like uppercut
Better shuffle yo feet like double dutch
Now the party didn't start til I walked in
And it probably wont end til I sip Hen
But in the meantime
And in between time
Better tuck in your chin
And learn to take your lumps and grin
You know you can't wait cause I'ma stay on one
One switch, one sack, one sip, but I ain't done

[Chorus, Repeat 4X]